Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Night

We already knew Lilli wouldn't want to wear her costume, so it was no surprise that we pretty much had to tie her down to get her in it, and that she was crying and having a fit about it. BUT, when we asked her if she wanted to go on a wagon ride and saw the little Toto dog in my basket she got over it pretty fast. But she didn't have to be happy about it, ha!I was able to raid Lilli's bow stash and get a couple of matching bows for my hair, a bonus of a little girl!
Poor Brent had to be the Wicked Witch. I have a scarecrow hat and I KNOW I saw it somewhere in our Halloween stuff but for the life of me couldn't find it anywhere on Sunday afternoon. So, Brent said he'd wear my old witch outfit and I ran out to the Family Dollar and found some green face paint for him. He was a huge hit around the neighborhood.
We met Lilli's little friend Liam at a church in our neighborhood having a fall festival. Our church had had its festival the Wed before and had canceled all services for the night, so we had figured we would check this place out. Really it was just a few Trunk or Treat cars giving out candy. But she was SUPER excited to see her friend! They are so funny together.
Lilli wouldn't keep her hat on for even a second and was trying to convince Liam to take his off. But he would cry anytime his hat came off. Too funny!
She kept going back to this lady and getting Twizzlers.
The Cowardly Lion
Best Buds
Two kids wondering why in the world their parents do this to them...

They found a cat hanging in the tree (have no clue why....) so they stood there for a while beating it and playing with and just cackling.
After we were there a little while we went our separate ways and since it was nearly dusk we decided to start trick or treating. We just went all the way down our street from 12th to 17th. This was her first house to trick or treat at!
She really got the hang of it quickly, especially when all the other kids really started pouring out. She would run up to each house saying Trick!Treat! and was even pretty good about saying Thank You.
Being so little and funny she got lots of extra candy versus some of the rude ones who would cut in front of us or push their way to the front of the lines. A few houses even gave out little toys, and if people had a dog she would just go crazy. One person gave her ribbon, which was really strange. Our next door neighbors bought her cupcakes and cookies.
We got back to our house around 7 and got Pippin in his Tin Man outfit. We just spray-painted an old fire hydrant costume silver and it worked pretty good. As always, more people asked if they could take pictures of him than anything else! We only gave out candy for 30 minutes since she and Pippin were starving for dinner and with it being a school night we didn't want her up late. We still went through about 4 or 5 bags of candy in that time. Our street and neighborhood are just nuts on Halloween. We usually get at least 250 people, and are considered the 3rd most popular street in the neighborhood. The most popular street literally gets about 1,000 trick r treaters, about 5 blocks over. Our neighborhood is always on the news on Halloween night, and a couple of the streets were actually blocked off by police for safety. It's quite the spectacle and next year we'll probably head over to those streets as well. It took us 1.5 hours just to get 5 blocks in!
Here's my Halloween table for this year, I also had flowers but they were droopy by the time I took pictures. The plates and runner are Pottery Barn Kids.
I did some garland and things on bookshelves and fireplaces.
And I thought the bag I had made for Lilli turned out so cute! I think the witches hat will work well every Halloween with whatever she's dressed as. And it's a nice collapsible bag so storage will also be easy.
And that was our Halloween 2010! Already time to start thinking about costumes for next year!

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