Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Dressy

I had completely not realized that Halloween was on a Sunday (not really anyway) until just a few days before the holiday. If I had thought about it I would've bought her a cute little dress off Etsy or somewhere, but instead we just worked with what we had.I paired her little pumpkin patch shirt from Gymboree with a black skirt that is sized 12M that was too big for her last year, and then picked up some orange tights at Gymboree the night before. Of course she managed to get a run in them that morning, but this is actually the first pair of tights she's ruined so far. I was thinking that's pretty good until I realized this is REALLY the first winter she's just been crazy all over the place. She started walking almost a year ago, but by comparison last winter she was much tamer than now! We'll probably ruin a lot of tights this year. (And actually as much as I like Gymboree stuff Old Navy tights are really a lot sturdier.)
The skirt was still too big this year!!! It twisted and turned around all morning but at least it didn't fall down. We had that problem a couple of times last winter with some skirts and it's always a little embarrassing to pick up your kid and have someone tell you her pants/skirt fell down all day, but it's a problem we have pretty often with Miss Skinny Britches.
We always do our grocery shopping after church on Sundays, and she found her bag of Halloween marshmallows when she was "helping" us put up groceries. It was either photograph her with marshmallows or photograph a crying kid. You can see which we chose.
She's been picking up big seed things from the cypress tree and storing them in her bug collector. Then when we go on walks she leaves them along the path for the squirrels. We also have to leave berries, other nuts and sticks for the squirrels. She's pretty concerned they have enough to eat this winter. She has also taken to spitting food out of her mouth and onto the dining room floor for Pippin. We wish she'd be more concerned about eating her own food, and thus not have pants that fall down so much. I have no idea what tore through my giant mum and has it looking so ghetto. My guess is one of the stray cats around.

Silly little girl!!
Goofing around on her tip-toes.
Sweet little feet in her orange tights!!!
And we called an end to the session when she started crawling around on the ground in her nice outfit. That skirt would probably be at least $40 retail (it's Janie and Jack) and the total Retail value of the entire outfit would prob be about $115 from shirt to skirt to tights and shoes. Of course I got it all on consignment/clearance/deals and didn't pay anywhere near that much, but of course I would like to re-sell it all! For sure not crawling around under the porch swing material!

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