Friday, November 5, 2010

Parties and Shopping Carts

Today was a big day for Brent - 10 years with his current company! Actually, I think his real anniversary is later this month, but today was the department party for him and several other people celebrating 5 and 15 years.For some reason this picture won't flip properly. In the corporate magazine for anniversaries they had his picture and the name Yasmine in some big goof-up, so his ever-so-funny coworkers put Yasmine on the cake.
And then they made this kind of weird poster honoring the people celebrating their anniversaries. I guess this is how graphic designers party!
Tonight we had dinner at Waffle House and then went to Target. Of course the bulk of Lilli's time was spent playing with all the baby dolls and toys.
But the one thing she couldn't live without was this little grocery cart. We had already seen it in the Target Toy Catalog we got this week on a big sale for $11 (a great deal since it's full of play food). It was the last one left and she was just in love with it.
She pushed it all over the store and would stay right with us. She was totally cracking people up just running through the store with it.
This one cracks me up, you can tell how fast she's running by her stride.
And she liked it so much she would actually listen when we told her to stay near the main cart.
So she got to come home with it and we even let her push it through the parking lot since I held onto her and she actually listened and followed right along with Brent. It even had to sit in the backseat next to her and the whole way home she kept one hand on it. HA!
I think it will be a nice indoor toy since it's going to be SO cold this weekend!!!

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