Monday, November 8, 2010

The Call

Every Monday I have a pretty cringe-worthy meeting I have to go to, probably my least favorite meeting of the week. But at least I get it over with pretty early, right? When I got back from my meeting this afternoon I had a voicemail. I figured it was just someone else needing something else, but was really, really surprised when it was a particular daycare whose waiting list we've been on for over 2 years now (yes, several months before she was even born) calling to tell me they finally had a spot for us.Surprised would be the understatement there, last time I had talked to them about 3 months ago I had been told we were next but it would probably be after the first of the year when she was 2. I really figured we would get into one of the places we've been waiting on sometime next year, around spring or summer time, and we're reasonably happy where we are now.
Right now there's only 4 other kids at her babysitter's, and some of them are only a couple of days a week. It's a pretty laid back environment and she is happy when we drop her off and happy when we pick her up. The family that takes care of her is really nice, and it's obvious they really do care for Lilli. After the experience we had at her previous daycare it would be hard to go back to a center, but considering the wait just to get in, knowing their state ratings and reviews, and the conversations I've had with them over the last 2 years it's pretty clear this place is run much better. Oh, and it's less than 2 blocks from where I work.
And when I talked to the director this afternoon she was telling me Lilli could go to Music in Motion classes once a week and Cardio Kids classes. I know she would love that, and the education/extra curricular is really missing in her current situation. It's really more of a place to just play and hang out all day, and we really want her to have more structured learning than what we can provide at night. We really miss that (and pretty much only that) from her old daycare.
So it's back to decisions, decisions. Pros and Cons. We are both going over together tomorrow to tour and meet the teachers. I'm pretty sure they won't know what hits them with the things I like to ask now! My last tour there was before Lilli was born and I am far more educated on what to look for and ask now. I wish now that I had taken some of my working mom friends on the tours with me the first time!
And on a side note, Pippin loves to play the Nighty Night game. That's one game he can get right on board with Lilli on. And it's probably only a little disturbing that she tucked the little snake she got at Emeline's birthday party in with her baby doll.

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  1. They have music in motion at the kids preschool and they LOVE. It is Emeline's favorite part of the week!! Hope your tour goes well!