Thursday, November 18, 2010

Date Night!

We had a date night this week, woo hoo! We try to get out once a month without Lilli. Since we don't have a ton of babysitters around it doesn't always happen, and sometimes we're just so busy the month(s) fly by and we just don't make the arrangements. I think now that she's older and can be such a Terrible 2 at times we've really made it more of a priority to get out, ha!

My lap is never empty, that's for sure.We went out to The Mad Platter in downtown Germantown. We had a $50 Groupon credit we needed to use before it expired in December.
We forgot to take any pictures while we were eating there. It's kind of a small place anyway. It was ok, I'd probably give it a B-. Their portions were incredibly small and the food really wasn't all that exceptional, so we were a little disappointed. The appetizer and dessert were the best part!! Afterwards we went to the neighborhood coffee shop and hung out for a while before heading home.
We always forget to get a picture of Stephanie with Lilli while she's still awake! They had a big time playing together. When she saw her knock on the door she started squealing and got all excited. Thankfully Lilli doesn't get upset when we leave, or mind being with other people. Stephanie said she was really good and went right to bed for her (which she always does for us, but you just never know what might happen with someone else!) And when I asked her this morning if she had fun she said "uh huh". And thankfully this time she did not throw up all over her!!!
She's so sweet every night with her baby doll!
I think Pippin enjoys babysitters more than Lilli does!!!! He hangs around all night (like usual). I do always have to make sure people are ok with dogs since he's so..... hands-on. Luckily Stephanie really likes dogs and misses her old dog.
Pippin gets all the babysitter attention after bed-time!!
Another great date night!

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