Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Nights....

Friday night are all about fun! Tonight we both got home at the same time and took Lilli AND Pippin out for a walk. We don't usually both take Lilli for a walk, but since we were both going we decided to take Pippin. The two of them were beside themselves getting to go out for a walk together.
We didn't know what we wanted to eat so we just went for Mexican, it's always a crowd pleaser! This time we ordered Lilli a soft taco. She'll eat most anything on their kids menu, but sometimes she gets a little burnt out on quesadillas or chicken. She loved her taco but it made such a huge mess!!!We tried to kind of wrap it like a burrito and seal it with beans (she LOVED refried beans) but it kept oozing out everywhere and a good portion of it ended up in her lap!
Afterwards we headed to Home Depot to get some paint and things we needed to work on the upstairs this weekend. Major points to Home Depot for putting a ton of singing, dancing, flashing toys right at the front door.
Brilliant marketing scheme!!!
Except we didn't buy anything except for the paint and supplies we actually came for! But she did have a great time running down the batteries on every last snowglobe and dancing penguin (which we are seriously overpriced!!)

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