Sunday, April 11, 2010

Splish Splash!

We had a great and sunny Sunday here in Nashville!

After her afternoon nap, someone got to enjoy her first chocolate chip cookie! I had just finished making them for our Life Group tonight and was handing Brent a piece when someone else grabbed it out of my hand! Looks like she loved it!

The bubbles we've had in this house have been total junk lately. We ran into Toys R Us after church this morning to look at a couple of things and picked up some bubbles. Between pink bubbles that stained her clothes and others that didn't even make any bubbles, we FINALLY got a good brand! We had a great time and these bubbles and wand are awesome! (I think it's the Gazillion brand.)
I've been letting her play around in the old bubbles, so since this afternoon was so bright and sunny I got out a bowl and filled the old bottle with water and let her go to town. She had a BLAST pouring the water into the bowl. It was absolutely hilarious - her aim is terrible so water would go everywhere and she'd just laugh as I was laughing at her.
Brent thinks she looks like the Gordon's fisherman in this outfit and with the big floppy hat. She was drenched, front and back.
She seriously spent about an hour pouring water everywhere before we had to get ready for Lifegroup. She'd pick up the bottle and flip it towards herself, and it would almost be empty before anything ever got to the bowl!
The weather tonight was perfect for LifeGroup. We had burgers and dogs outside at Adam and Julia's and then moved inside for the devo. She wanted to be a big kid and play with Micah and Taylor's toys.
Group shot at the end of the night. I guess she was the kiddo in the middle - two kiddos older and two younger tonight. We had just changed her into her jammies so we could transport her straight to bed when we got home. Naturally she figured out we had a plan so she chattered the whole way home! HA! But she did go right to sleep once we got home, so no worries.
I seriously didn't know we were supposed to make goofy faces for this one! But Brent and Lilli both got the memo to turn and look to their right! Like father like daughter.
A great weekend, just over too fast!

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