Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Morning

Just a couple of quick pics tonight as Brent came down with Lilli's stomach bug this morning and I'm pretty much exhausted and ready for bed. And of course now waiting my time to come down with it.

Easter morning - hopefully she won't remember seeing Momma Bunny putting out all her loot!
No surprise - the first thing she went for was her bunny straw sippy cup! We really didn't get her much for Easter - the pink bunny was a Grandma gift from last year as was the white basket, I just put it back out this year because she doesn't remember! And the lamb and chic bags were freebies from work.
But she did get a little mad there was nothing to drink in her cup!
I think she was laughing at the dancing and singing bunny here...And she loved her monkey pen I bought her at work!Except for her having a stomach bug it was a great Easter morning!

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