Monday, April 5, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

Well, I'm really glad we staged some Easter photos yesterday because Brent would have to do some extra photoshopping now:
We were playing outside with bubbles tonight while Brent cooked dinner and having a great time - then she took off running down our sidewalk and tripped - scraping her nose, forehead and hands on the concrete. Ouch!!!Man, she really skinned her nose! I brought her in to wash her up and she didn't cry too much - she got more upset at seeing Brent putting her spaghetti on her tray and not getting to have it right away than at the cuts. It looks worse to me in the pictures than in real life. And it did not stop her from wanting to play outside the rest of the evening or make her forget her obsession with putting lotion on!

That's our girl!

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