Friday, April 2, 2010

Where the Monkeys Live

Last night we asked Lilli if she wanted to see her grandparents and eat where the monkeys live. That means one thing around here: Rainforest Cafe! I had totally forgotten about taking her to someplace that like which is pretty funny considering how much she likes animals. We live fairly close to Opry Mills but rarely go there since it's a major tourist haven. But as soon as we pulled up she got excited just seeing the sign with all those animals!
Our table had a view of a non-animated zebra that she pointed at about a million times, and from her seat she could see two animated monkeys and an animated butterfly.
She's currently obsessed with drinking out of a straw. Anything "grown-up" is what she wants to do - and tonight she drank more than half my water just because I had a straw! I'm going to have to start taking her straw sippy cups out with us so I can drink in peace! She had an absolutely enormous kids meal with shrimp and chicken (her current faves).
On the way out Grandma and Grandpa showed her the aquariums and she just loved all the fish swimming around. I bet she'd love to eat at The Aquarium (also in Opry Mills).
Posing with her grandparents in front of one of the aquariums.
Brent and his dad entertained Lilli while Carolyn and I shopped for dresses and I finally found an Easter dress for myself. Then we saw the Easter Bunny out in the mall. She liked him from a distance but didn't want to be close to him. At this point it was almost 8 (her bedtime) so I think she was just really worn out.
Her Granny and Grandad left her with some Easter goodies including her own pink bunny ears! She had a lot of fun taking them on and off!
Thanks Granny and Grandad for dinner and the goodies! We'll have to try out the Aquarium the next time you're in town or visit the zoo!

We got her home and in bed around 9. For being out an hour past her bedtime she did really well, but for some reason she was up at 7 this morning on (hers and mine) day off??? She normally wakes up around 8 and I was hoping staying out late would make that even later, but no such luck. She and I had a packed and fun, fun day - including a surprise visit to Brent at work and dinner reservations for the 3 of us at a great Asian restaurant tonight! I'll share those pics tomorrow (hopefully) but we have another fun packed day with an Easter egg hunt and dinner out with friends (and Lilli) tomorrow night. Have a great Saturday!

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