Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun Friday!

Last Friday Lilli's school was closed for teacher in-service. They're closed 4 days a year (once a quarter) for various teacher training - updates on things like CPR, codes, etc. Thankfully other than that they're only closed major holidays (unlike some other daycares that close for weeks around Christmas and have a week off for Spring Break - that would seriously drain our vacation time!) I took the day off and we had a TON of fun!She slept in until around 8 and I loooved getting the extra sleep myself! But once she is up, she is one wild and active child. I was clearing off her breakfast dishes in the kitchen and came back to find her climbing the file cabinet and hanging from the handles. Luckily Pippin was there to supervise and make sure she was didn't hurt herself.
From there we got dressed and headed over to Centennial Park. It was a gorgeous and perfect day for feeding the ducks. Last year she was always too small to really enjoy the animals, but this year she absolutely loved it!
Since I was there by myself I kept her strapped in the stroller so she didn't end up head first in the lake. She watched very intently the whole time and loved all the ducks who came up to eat the bread. We had a huge crowd gathered and shared our bread with a little boy who was a little older and enjoyed throwing it in for us to watch.

Here's a little video of her feeding the ducks....and herself. Anytime I'd give her bread to throw she'd eat it instead, ha! Good thing it was just slightly old and not actually moldy!

From there we did a lap around the lake (a nice mile walk for me!) and then headed over to their play area. I think their playground may be my favorite so far in Nashville. They had a GREAT toddler playground with a nice surface and it still had numerous slides and things for her to "climb" but much lower to the ground and a better size for her. There was a little boy about 6 months older and a little girl about 2 months older that she had a lot of fun playing with. They'd go down the slides together and just follow each other around.
One of the toys at the playground had dinosaurs on it so of course that totally captured her attention. Her love for dinosaurs is just hilarious. I think we may be headed for a Dinosaur Themed 2nd birthday party next year......
We played for a long time on the playground until she started getting a little more clingy and tired. She was completely uninterested in looking at the camera for a nice pic in front of the Parthenon - two huge dogs were directly in front of us.

I swung through the drive through at the McDonalds on the edge of the park and got us two Happy Meals. She was sooo tired! We ate lunch and then she took her nap. I could hear her talking for about 30 minutes before she fell asleep, so I went in later to check on her and she had pulled down both her monkeys from the back of her crib and even tossed one of her shoes behind her crib before finally falling asleep. Her crib looks like a tornado came through it!
I have more pictures from our fun Friday to post later this week, we had such a fun day!

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