Saturday, April 10, 2010


We made plans this morning to go to Home Depot and get some plants for the garden and insulation for the attic storage expansion. When Brent went to get her dressed he (jokingly) asked if I had a Home Depot outfit for Lil and I said I had already laid it out. Sometimes he totally underestimates me! Gap Overalls, some jewelry bling, and argyle BabyLegs make for a perfect gardening outfit!

I was picking out some flowers and Lilli was picking some leaves off the tree beside us...
We bought her some plastic gardening tools just for herself...
She loved them and really didn't want the cashier to ring them up!
Her trowel was perfect for whacking Brent in the head!
After we got home she helped me turn the dirt for a few minutes.
The dirt was really hard to turn today (not sure why since we've had some rain), but she had fun playing in the areas I'd already turned with her new tools.
But most of my time was spent keeping her from eating dirt or chewing on the garden tools. I guess they look like giant utensils!
I got all my new vegetable plants planted while Lilli took her afternoon nap - 3 hours and then we finally had to wake her up so we could go to the mall. A curious Pippin had explored the shower so Brent locked him in and she thought that was hilarious!
I had several returns to make at the mall and my Crazy 8 bucks to redeem. Lilli is just not much of a shopper these days, primarily because she doesn't like to be contained in anything. Snacking helps though!
But there is no way she's going to share!Afterwards we went to a pizza place for dinner before heading home. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the rest of my flowers planted!

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