Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Humpty Dumpty Pics

Lilli's poor nose is not looking any better, if anything I think it looks worse! I guess the healing and bruising process means it's just going to look awful for a couple of weeks.

It has not put a damper on her spirits though!
Or stopped her from her fun "games" of crawling between my legs (which she finds hilarious) when I'm working in the kitchen.

Here's a close-up from tonight. Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Sometimes she'll bump it on something and start crying, you know it's got to hurt! (Underneath her nose is spaghetti sauce, ha! And I think some dirt on her face from playing outside.) Poor thing! Another little boy in her class had a similar accident and after about 2 weeks it's hardly noticeable.

(I still have pics from Easter weekend to post, but I'm trying to get some projects done around the house this week, too! And Brent is feeling better and was back to work today. So far I'm still standing and hoping to avoid this bug!)

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