Sunday, April 18, 2010

M is for Molars!

Our weekend has been a little like this:Lil's been a bit on the fussy side thanks to her molars. It feels like the top two have ridges and have poked through while the bottom ones are really swollen this weekend. She hasn't slept well (which means we haven't slept well) and has just been more tired than usual, crankier and at times had a light fever (99/100). She's been really whiny at night and will sort of fuss fairly often -just enough to wake us up but most of the time before we make it in there she's quiet again. Still not good sleep for us!

It hasn't stopped us from going out too much, but most of our projects have been around home. We got a really cute video of her at Otters Friday night showing off her fork skills that I need Brent to edit down. Here she is Sat night at the Gerst Haus - a local German restaurant that has polka on Sat nights.
She really did not know what to make of them! I don't think polka is her thing since she didn't dance at all to it! She mostly stared at them and kind of forgot to eat.
Today at Panera we told her if she ate her lunch we'd get her a cookie. Well, she didn't hardly eat her lunch but we wanted a cookie so we got one anyway! Brent let her pull it out of the bag and she got SO excited!! An enormous cookie, yum!!!
We split it three ways - she was so tired from not sleeping well and from church that she was ready to go and didn't protest too much that the whole cookie wasn't hers.
She took about a 2 hour nap after we got home and I took about an hour nap. My head has been killing me from allergies. Afterwards I took her to the park and she played with a couple of kids right around her age - a cute little girl about a month younger and a little boy about two weeks older were both there. After we walked home she was soooo sleepy. These teeth are just tearing her up!
She was not so tired that she wouldn't share my lemonade with me. I asked her if she wanted milk (no), juice (no) and I had a sneaking suspicion when she saw me drinking lemonade it would be shared....
When I ran to the grocery store she grabbed her blankie and ended up taking a short nap on the floor. I think Brent did too!! Poor thing!
She's still been a lot of fun, just not totally herself. Hopefully she (and us!!) will have a better night tonight and these teeth will quit terrorizing her.

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