Friday, April 16, 2010

D is for Daddy!!!

Last night was my night out for Ladies Bunco night! This month it was at Julia's house.
And no, I most certainly did not take Lilli! It is a great time to be away from kids and just enjoy some non-distracted conversations!!! (And that pic is Lilli and Julia from Life Group Sunday night. So cute!!!)

I didn't take any pics from my night out, but here is what Brent and Lilli did - or at least my interpretation from the pics I was left!

She gave the dandelions in our front yard a stern talking to.
But somehow I can't see the situation improving.Dandelion propagation seems to be a major priority.
Clearly she ate an orange. Or at least stored the better part of one on her neck for a snack later. Smart girl, just in case daddy should forget to feed her!She tended to my flowers. I can't imagine why my purple daisies are missing a few heads.But most of all she had some quality daddy time!
What's that I see?? Daddy has his glasses on! Wheeeee!
Glasses are MINE!
How do my orange and I look with glasses on? I'm really not sure since I can't see out of these things!
And of course when I got home the house was peaceful and quiet and she was soundly sleeping in her crib. Pants-less.
I would say a great night was had by all!

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