Friday, April 9, 2010

The House!

Tonight we didn't do anything new or exciting, but we did eat at one of our favorite places - Waffle House!! We've always liked Waffle House, and usually alternate between one in Brentwood and the one at Opry Mills. Tonight we went to Opry Mills and it was the best Waffle House experience ever!

While we waited for our food Lilli played with her cars. She cracks us up because she usually makes car noises when driving them and you can see her lips all pursed up here!Our waiter was awesome! He was super friendly and basically helped us figure out how to split one large meal with a couple of adds - all this food was under $9! We had 3 waffles, 6 pieces of bacon, large hash browns, 2 eggs, & 4 pieces of toast. It was WAY enough food for the 3 of us.Lilli loooves her waffles! And every once in a while Daddy would slip her one with some extra syrup on it! She also loved bacon, too. (Her nose is also looking SO much better today.)She was also having a lot of fun with her fork. She'd get a piece of toast and transfer it to her mouth, and then work on more toast before she could ever finish it.Afterwards we went to Two Rivers Park. They have a large "Kid Country" but it really wasn't good for preschoolers so we didn't stay long.She loves to slide so we did that a few times, too.It was starting to get chilly and dark so we left and headed home. We're looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend and can hopefully get some things done around the house tomorrow and maybe some plants going in the garden!

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