Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pippin's Birthday & Sounds Game

Pippin's birthday was back on August 9th. This was his "golden" year when he turned 9 on the 9th. After his entire cancer scare back in May of last year we're always glad to have another year with him. In honor of his special day, Lilli wore one of her MANY Pippin shirts to school. "Thumbs up for Pippin".

I made the same cake I make for him every year again. He loves it and it's super easy. Basically some flour, honey, carrots and peanut butter. No sugar so it's safe for doggies. I "ice" it with peanut butter and put some shredded cheese on it so he's sure to get all of his favorite things. Of course little sis handles blowing out the candle.While last year she was all about trying to eat some too (so cute!!!), this year she just really wanted to munch on some straight peanut butter for herself. Of course he LOVED it! We don't let him eat the whole thing, but I know he's glad for getting a solid ten or so minutes to chow down as much as he can.The following evening we went to the Nashville Sounds baseball game as part of family night with our church (and Faith night at the Sounds). We haven't been to a game since Lilli was little bitty, primarily because we just don't care about baseball. But, it is fun to go with a big group and our tickets were only $10/each which included a hot dog and drink, so you can't beat that for a Friday night activity. And our seats were literally this close. That's crazy.
We were next to Lilli's little buddy Hank, and they had a good time talking about the game and messing around together. A lot of her older friends were right behind us so she had fun. I'm not entirely sure she watched any of the game, but eating a hot dog can keep her entertained for a long time, as can yelling that the players who have slid in the dirt have "pooped their pants".
We posted a picture of us there on Facebook, and our friend Jennifer, who was Lilli's first babysitter, posted back that she was there too! She was able to find us and bring Jackson down. We got an updated group pic and Brent made a little collage of Lilli and Jackson the first time they met and then now. We've actually run into them at other festivals and things over the years but I don't think we've ever gotten a new picture of them together. They were thrilled. Much easier to photograph at four months than nearly four years.We bribed Lilli with cotton candy for having her picture made, so we tracked the guy down and she got her favorite event treat. Hank had never had cotton candy before so the two of them hunkered down and got a nice sugar buzz going!We had a great time at the game and ending up staying through about three quarters of it before we left. It didn't start until 7 and we knew Lilli would be super bored before it ended and we preferred getting out of there before the mass exit of traffic afterwards.

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