Saturday, August 4, 2012

Splish Splash

A few Saturdays ago we also had rainy weather like we're having this afternoon. We really didn't mind a lazy Saturday morning of hanging around in our jammies, watching cartoons and playing. When the sun came back out around lunch-time Brent and Lilli were more than happy to head out for a few minutes and splash in some puddles while I cooked lunch.
Love that little romper (from Zulily). Lilli wasn't crazy about it though and thought "romper" sounded like something babies wear.We've got some great puddles for splashing about a block from the house.

Once she got tired of splashing some fallen sticks made for great swords on the walk home.
That particular Saturday night we went out to Mirko Pasta, on Music Row, for dinner. It's my absolute favorite Italian food in town. Everything, pasta included, is made fresh in house and you can absolutely tell the difference. It's not fancy, but it is "nice", so we got all dolled up. Lilli does wonderfully in restaurants so we never hesitate taking her anywhere with "real" tablecloths.The food was fantastic, as always, and as you can tell Lilli loved her fancy spaghetti!! I loved my food and Brent and I really loved the tiramisu we ordered to-go for later that evening!

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