Monday, August 20, 2012

Let's Go to the Mall!

The first weekend of August was tax-free weekend here in Tennessee. Considering our sales tax is a whopping 9.25% in our county, we definitely take advantage of the tax savings where we can. Not everything is tax free, but all clothes, school supplies and diapers are (as well as computers.)
That Friday evening we headed out to the mall to do some clothes shopping. No surprise which table Lilli picked.Of course we had to go to her happiest place on Earth store. She could probably stay in there for hours and touch every last thing if we let her.We let her get a little Ariel playset so she'd have something to do while I was trying on clothes. In the Disney store she looked at me and said "Mom, I can't have enough Ariels". I don't even have a clue how many Little Mermaid dolls she has, and every time she asks for a new one I always tell her she has more than enough Ariels.She eventually ended up in the dressing room with me. I think she thought it was just so much fun to be in our own little enclosed room. Of course she also thought it was fun to stick her hand, face, arm, toys, etc under the curtain as well. It's amazing I didn't end up flashing the whole store/mall. And one of the fun things about her being older during this pregnancy is all the great questions she asks, specifically about maternity pants and why they're just so big and stretchy. Things like "Are those built in panties?" (she's into things like swimwear where you don't have to wear underwear and for some reason the stretchy part reminds her of underwear) and also "Is that to keep your baby warm?", which I thought was pretty clever, so I told her it was. Then she wanted to know why my baby was cold. You just can't win. She was also quite willing to give me her opinion on which clothes she did and didn't like.Brent amused himself in the way he best knows how - taking random pictures of himself in the waiting area at Motherhood Maternity, where they've managed to position the mannequin in a very bizarre spot relative to the chair.

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