Monday, August 13, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

At the end of July, Brent's parents were in town at the end of July and spent the evening taking Lilli out to her favorite fine dining establishment, Chuck E Cheese.

She drove, rode and played the night away.She even tried her hand at Skeeball and while this time she didn't let the ball fly in other lanes or backwards, she never made it up into one of the point buckets, either.
At the end of the night she walked away with her usual pile of "junk" - some plastic bugs and candy, and she was very happy with her haul.
Afterwards Brent's parents took us out to Panera for some dessert. They always have a great selection of desserts, but I think the sugar pushed me over into the queasy zone. I still just can't load up on too much food, and generally can't eat much sweets. It's really not right!We had a fun night and Lilli is already waiting for her next trip to the Cheese!

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