Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Pippin!

Yesterday was Pippin's 8th birthday! We were all especially glad to be celebrating his birthday this year, after the rough time he had several months ago with stomach cancer.

Monday night Lilli helped me bake him his annual birthday cake. We follow this recipe for the peanut butter cake I found online several years. Very simple to follow and nutritious for our little friend.
It's only got a few basic ingredients - peanut butter, flour, honey, vanilla, egg and baking soda.

It doesn't look appetizing at all, but he loves it!

So Tuesday night after dinner we lit his cake up with eight candles (as counted out by Lilli) and celebrated with him. I just ice it with straight peanut butter and a few pieces of dog kibble for decor.
Little Miss was all about blowing out the candles. Anytime I bring home cupcakes from work she asks us to have a candle in it so we can sing. When I picked her up I explained to her teachers that it was her big bro's birthday and that's why she was wearing one of her special Pippin shirts. They did say during snack time she was saying it was "Pippa's" birthday - they thought she was talking about a little girl in the toddler class, so when I told them they finally understood what she had been trying to tell them all day.
I know this is his "get this kid out of my cake" face.

She wanted to do all the cake cutting for him, and then all of a sudden she started licking the knife herself.
And then thought she's be cute and lay down on the floor and eat it like a dog, too.
We didn't stop her. Considering it's all healthy ingredients that was the best dose of vegetables she had eaten all day. Table manners and rules go out the window on birthdays.

Best buds!
We also gave him some new treats and Lilli picked out a new toy for him. I don't think he realizes it is for him since she is playing with it so much (a little squeaker toy) and since he's never chewed on any of her toys he hasn't actually played with it.

Happy Birthday Pippin!! We can't wait to celebrate #9 with you next year!

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