Sunday, August 5, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist

Some pics from July 15th - 17th....

Reading some books with Audrey one Sunday morning after church. They were both working on getting points for the summer reading contest! Lilli's little outfit is Kenneth Cole! Who knew they made that for kids? I got it for a steal, with tags on, at a consignment sale last spring.

She has now discovered gum ball machines and all their magnificent junk! I'm not entirely sure what took so long, but we now have a wide assortment of bouncy balls and things that stick to the wall.
Even princesses must take naps sometimes.
Being silly and jumping for the camera. She does have some leap!
I (finally) took her to the dentist for the first time. I know, it's way too overdue, but it's just not one of those convenient things for us to manage. I asked both my dentist and her pediatrician who they would recommend and they both said the same guy so I knew he'd be a winner. Plus, with a Green Hills locale I knew it would be nice! We talked about it for a little while but I was still thinking she'd have some apprehension. They first wanted to go over her paperwork with me while they took her back, and I was surprised when she took the hygienist's hand and went back without me. I'm pretty sure they had her at "would you like to pick out a movie?"Everything was perfect for children. All the chairs were in an open room and each little station had its own TV with DVD player. She got to pick out if she wanted princess pink toothpaste, a zebra or penguin attachment to the brusher, and all sorts of other things. Getting to make choices and touching everything as well made her very comfortable and she never got upset or uncomfortable.

While she waited for the dentist to come and check her teeth she got to get down and play in the area with a lot of large stuff animals with big teeth you can brush. She had a blast with that. They also took a picture of her with the dentist and her "favorite" animal and she got to take home a copy (as well as 3 toys and some stickers.)
Unfortunately she did already have a cavity in one of her bottom molars. I wasn't surprised, it's always had a brown spot in the center of it and according to the dentist some baby teeth just don't completely form correctly and that's the result. Since it's a molar that she'll need for a while we're going back next month to have it filled. When we left she was already asking to go back so I'm sure she won't mind at all!
That night we went out to the pizza buffet to celebrate. For some reason, Lilli picked out two racing tattoos as her treats from the dentist. I have NO clue why.For being such a "big" girl Brent also surprised her with a little toy from Target that shoots little discs. She liked it enough that it became her Show n Tell school item for the week.
Hopefully that will be her first and last cavity. However, I'd say she takes more like me in great eyesight and really bad teeth though!!

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  1. Aww, Lilli did great on her first trip to the dentist! I’m glad she enjoyed the trip enough to look forward to the next visit. I think you should ease into her the idea that, this time, they’ll really be tinkering with her teeth to fill in the cavity. At least there won’t be any unpleasant surprises if she knows what’s coming. And keep checking on that cavity to make sure it doesn’t happen to the rest of her teeth!