Friday, August 17, 2012

Fairies and Fencing

Three weeks ago my parents were in town along with my aunt and uncle before their "big" trip to Alaska for their 50th Anniversary cruise. We met them at dinner near the hotel they were staying in. There was one thing that disturbed Lilli a little bit - the fact that dad is a twin and they still look exactly alike (see Uncle L just behind Dad on the right). She really didn't understand "two" Grandaddies and how that could be. She does have some little twins at her daycare, but I think this sort of blew her mind!A friend at work gave Lilli her daughter's old Loving Family playhouse along with a ton of furniture. She has loved it and Batman has moved right on in.
The new front fence is coming slowly along with this busy summer and crazy weather pattern. This is the side "before". We only tore down one side at a time so everything wouldn't be wide open and exposed.
Farmer Tinkerbell was more than happy to help this day.
The leveling string was put to great use.
By the end of the day it looked like this, and it looks quite different now, three weeks later!Perhaps by next summer the entire thing will even be finished! We have managed to give away all of the old fence to two different sets of people who wanted it for various things, one to expand their chicken coup (they live somewhere over here in urban East Nashville...) and the other half to someone who fixes up old houses. Too bad none of them have helped with building the new fence!

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