Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Reading Contest

The summer reading contest at church ended at the end of July, I guess because school here in Metro started back August 1st (insane). Lilli did great in the contest and ended up with 18 coins to spend in the "store". I think most weeks we turned in about 12 books and the contest lasted for 5 weeks, so that's a lot of books!
Basically everything in the store was no more than 2 coins, so it took us a long time to spend all that money! She got a ton of stuff - from a new doll, to cars, tool sets, paddleball, cupcake, flashlights, bubbles and on and on. Her favorite thing was this little bannery-wand.
She twirled and whirled...And was a happy little vision in satin until....
She stepped on it and broke the banner off the wand, beyond repair.So she moved on to torturing the new baby doll. Probably not a good sign for future brother/sister.That afternoon while Brent was mowing he ran upon/almost ran over the cutest little tiny bunny! All the rain we had had turned the backyard into a massive jungle, and my garden was a wreck of weeds and vines - perfect for little hiding bunnies. This was during Lilli's nap time so she missed it, but....That evening after church both the mom and baby were grazing around in the backyard! I'm still not totally sure how the big bunny got in our massively secure urban yard, but there is a spot big enough towards the front of the yard where the front fence and back fence come together that had a gap large enough for a bunny but too small for Pippin to get out during the fence construction.The bunnies let us get fairly close before they scampered into my jungle of a flower garden and we were sure to keep Pippin inside for a bit until we knew they had probably moved on. It's always fun when we can find some (good) wildlife in the backyard! Bunnies keep snakes away, right?

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