Monday, August 6, 2012


Since TV is not part of our evening time together, we end up doing a lot of creative things after dinner. Since we both work pretty early hours and don't have a rough commute, by the time we're done with dinner we usually have nearly two hours of straight play-time together, which is so nice!

One of our favorite activities - popping bubble wrap! I order a lot of things online, it's cheaper (usually sales tax free & free shipping, which in Nashville saves 9.25%) and I don't have much time to shop. So bubble wrap is a pretty common commodity around here.That "Pippin" shirt is from BabyGap. Love it!!One of the things I found online was a Crayola set of 3-D chalk and paint from Zulily for $8. We love drawing with sidewalk chalk and the 3-D aspect sounded like a ton of fun.

How can anything that comes with these little glasses not be fun??It has several full size bottles of paint, several chalk sticks and some stencils as well as a roller. With the glasses on it really was neat how 3-D it looked! Some of the chalk didn't wash off the sidewalk all that well after a large rain, so I really wouldn't use it on our deck, but it's perfect for sidewalk drawing! (How does that nice front fence look??? No broken or cracked pickets there!)Lilli likes to line up every night to have her "belly" picture made.For some reason, one night all the princesses died. We're not sure why or what happened, but luckily by the next morning they were "not dead anymore". Not really sure where all that imagination comes from!

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