Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playdates and Princesses

Looking "cool" before water play a few weeks ago....Three weeks ago I had a pass as a new/expecting mom for a local consignment sale, and this sale lets the new/expecting mom's bring a friend. I decided to ask "Serif's mom" if she wanted to go with me. She had never been consigning yet and wanted to get into it and see if it was worthwhile, and since they just live around the block coordinating it couldn't have been easier!
While us ladies were out shopping the evening away, the guys met up over at the playground next door and let the kiddos play. They had a great time together, as always. Lilli loves having a neighborhood friend so close and it's nice to have people you can just text and meet over at the playground.
Lilli really doesn't need much, some new winter clothes and shoes, but even there a lot of last year's clothes will still fit this year, and I always end up overbuying. The main thing I hoped to find were some nice princess dress up clothes, and Snow White in particular. She dresses up ALL the time and covets all the $50 outfits in Disney Store. I got **really** lucky and found Tinkerbell, Jasmine, and Snow White! Jasmine is just a bit too big, since it is a separate top and pants, but she'll grow into it. I also got a few maternity clothes for me, several pajamas for her, and a couple of dresses. Needless to say, the next morning someone was VERY happy with her new dress up outfits! (=So happy that the next evening she put Snow White on and asked if she could wear it to Wednesday night church. We let her do that, there's nothing about it that would cause her from not being able to do anything and why not let her express her creativity? She was a huge "hit" from the adults and got a lot of chuckles. People know she's obsessed with the "Disney life" anyway. In fact, everywhere she goes in princess regalia she gets a ton of laughs and smiles, and if it's a restaurant we usually get a free cookie. So why not encourage that behavior???

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