Friday, August 3, 2012


Three weeks ago tonight (July 12th) we did something quite similar to what we did tonight.

I'm needing some new maternity clothes (you can't expect me just to make do with what I wore last time!!), so we headed out to Opry Mills to get to know the staff working at Motherhood Maternity now. They seriously got to know me way too well last time, and I'm pretty sure this time won't be much different.

Of course we had to eat first, and Lilli always gets to pick our spot. Which is always next to the carousel.

Riding the carousel is really pretty cheap, so we always go for that and usually I'm the rider. That night I wasn't feeling great (why did I think a cheesesteak and all-day sickness would work well together??) and she wanted one of the spinning teacups on the carousel. Normally I love stuff like that, but not right now! And Brent - he NEVER likes stuff like that. Well, tough cookies - Brent got to ride the spinning teacup!
Lilli had a blast.

She knows this mall has a Disney store, aka her happiest place on Earth, and there's no pretending it doesn't exist. Each time she goes she gets to pick out one item. She's good about not flipping out when we say she can't have a $50 dress up outfit, and we usually just have to get her one $20 or less item. That night she got a little set of princess figurines that she plays with constantly, and it helped replace the two Ariels the Mexican place threw away.I do appreciate that they refer to her as princess when she walks up the register. And they tell us to have a magical evening. Disney really knows their stuff.

I was super disappointed in that Old Navy - they have about 5 total items of maternity shoved in the back. Really it's fine though, their maternity is pretty junky and not nice enough to wear to work anyway. Overall their clothes are pretty junky and we rarely shop there. But every kid in America loves those creepy mannequins, so you just have to go in!
After I got a few new things in Motherhood my appetite was back so we made a pretzel and Icee run.Hot, fresh buttery pretzels? Cold Icee? Two happy shop girls!

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