Friday, August 5, 2011

Night with the Fishies

Tonight we wanted to get out, stay out of the heat, and not spend a ton of money. So we spent the evening enjoying the finer side of taxidermy in Middle TN. First we had dinner at Caney Fork. It's been almost a year since we last ate there, and of course the first time Lilli ever ate there was pretty memorable! She was most definitely not asleep through dinner tonight.
She was a big fan of the fritters! The service was slow and the food is just not as good as it used to be, but the big draw here is all the stuffed dead animals and the live fish pond with some huge catfish in it. And the live music was also a big hit with Lilli, too.Afterward we went over to Bass Pro Shop. I never thought I'd miss Opry Mills but it was really nice for a couple of stores we like to shop at and also just for wandering around. Bass Pro is the only store open in it now, and I think the rest of the mall will finally reopen in spring, nearly two years after the big flood. We'd actually never even been to Bass Pro before but I'd heard from some coworkers that it's actually pretty fun with a lot to do in there. Someone was a big fan of the ATVs.
And the nice tents....
The large stuffed fish were high on the "like" list.

And they have a rather large selection of toy guns. What's not to love about that?
They also have a huge aquarium in the middle of the store as well as plenty of other stuffed animals scattered throughout. It probably won't replace PetSmart as one of our favorite "cheap family dates" but it's good to know that Bass Pro is actually a pretty fun place for some cheap family entertainment!

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