Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Made It!!

What a morning of travel!!

Our plane was supposed to leave at 8, and everything at first was going like clockwork. We were pottied and ready to board, Lil was in a great mood, and our plane was really not full at all. So then we just sat.....

Finally the captain came on and said something wasn't working with one of the side window wipers/defrosters. Normally not a big deal, but flying into a Hurricane made it a priority. So then we see the baggage guys driving back over and unloading all the luggage about thirty minutes after we were supposed to have already left. We ended up having to deplane and head all the way back to the far end of the terminal, wait 20 more minutes down there and then get back on a new plane. Lilli was great 99% of the time. She's an experienced traveler (which is why we breeze through the expert traveler lines and avoid the awful family lines) and we know how to work it with snacks, surprise toys, etc. By the end of the second wait for a new airplane she was getting restless and I was grouchy so there was a small scene with her throwing shoes for about a minute. Otherwise she got tons of laughs, looks and compliments as she pulled her suitcase through both airports today and squealed in delight for the planes and as we were taking off. She did keep screaming (happily) WE'RE GOING DOWN! as we landed in Baltimore which is probably not the best thing to say in a Hurricane.

Actually the flight was not bad. We ended up leaving one hour late which added a lot of stress to people as BWI was shutting down at noon and a lot of people on our flight had connectors. The couple behind us had to get to Boston for a cruise. Their cruise line refused to refund their money unless they proved they had attempted to get there. But, they were holding planes for these people so that was nice.

Lilli had a blast on the flight and absolutely marveled at everything which was so fun to see. This is the first time it's really clicked in for her (this was her 7th flight). It really wasn't bumpy at all, Brent and I have been on FAR worse flights. We landed in some light rain, and it's been lightly raining ever since we got here. There weren't many people on the interstate on the drive up to our north-side Hilton.

The hotel is awesome, they've got all kinds of contingency plans in place so we are well taken care of! Since we're on the leading edge of the storm we're just going to crash in the hotel tonight and will probably just have to eliminate a couple of things from our plans. Right now Lil and I are watching cartoons and we've sent Brent out to get us some food!

Vacation ON!

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