Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Stylings

Lilli was feeling fancy this morning! She had on one of the outfits I got her last year in Atlanta, and she insisted on carrying her purse around with her, full of stickers and 5 princesses (1 Belle, 1 Cinderella and 3 Snow Whites.) And she had to have two pony-tails and her new sequin flip flops.There is no actual injury to her head. She walked into a door and needed a Band-Aid, or otherwise the world would end. Not a battle to die over.
Also no injury on her hand either, that was some sort of invisible boo-boo she mentioned after class this morning so I told her if it still hurt when we got home she could have a Band-Aid. Of course she remembered that promise. I'm not sure who Band-Aid's Marketing team came up with the brilliant idea of all the characters on their product, but hopefully that person is set for life. I'd bet most of their revenue comes from the character ones that we go through like water.
This outfit it so styling I can't hardly stand it. It's Young Colors and from the best I can tell it would be about $60 Retail. Ridiculous. I probably paid $15. I love the white bubble skirt that miraculously stayed rather clean.
Big girl!

It was kind of a rainy start to the day today but cleared up nicely throughout the afternoon. We still just never had a chance to hit the pool this weekend between the rain and just other stuff.

Back to the grind tomorrow!

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