Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Girl Upgrades

Today was a big day. First of all, this is how Brent found Lilli this morning when he went to wake her up.I guess at some point in the night she decided her overnight diaper was just not working out for her. Even though she's been potty-trained since April she's nowhere near being dry overnight, so we still use the Extra Protection diapers on her. Luckily she didn't have any accidents after she pulled it off.

In other bed-related news, tonight we upgraded her to her toddler bed. Sigh.
I'm sure it's incredibly long and overdue, particularly since daycare swap them over to mats/cots at 12 months, but we did rather like her in her cage and saw no reason to push it. She's become a bit more climby lately and also can tend to wake up at night and during naps to use the bathroom, so this will make that a little easier for her.
She was incredibly excited about it and pretty much spent the whole evening hanging out and reading books in her bed. Obviously Pippin is pretty excited about this nice, comfy, low to the ground new bed for him. Unfortunately for him, we keep the dog gate up at night so he won't wake her up and keep the door to her room shut during the day, so his cozy time will be pretty limited.
So far so good on going to sleep. At this point she's just woken up once to use the bathroom and just whined until we came in there to help her.
Next stop for our big girl....college and her drivers license!

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