Friday, August 26, 2011

Ready to Go-Go!

We're all packed and ready to fly out in the wee hours of tomorrow for Baltimore! As of right now, they've canceled all afternoon and evening flights into BWI so ours is still good to go, but I am betting it will be FULL. We've already got our boarding passes printed so we have seats reserved, but I do prefer an unfull flight to the usual completely booked out Southwest flight. And I called our hotel for tomorrow night (a Hilton on the North side of town) and it's business as usual. They are not overbooked and have actually seen a good bit of cancels. They've got back-up generators to power the hallways and room in-service is prepared to be cooking as long as they've got power, and will then swap to non-warm foods. I love me some room service, so those are the questions I always ask. The front desk lady said they're expecting the rains to start around 3-5 pm, and in their area they don't feel they're at any flood risk, they're mainly just expecting the high winds (70 mph), lots of strong rain and most likely power outages. So, for the first time ever we've got several flashlights, rain boots and rain coats packed in our suitcases. And a Dora umbrella.

A certain little girl (who gets to pick what goes in her airplane backpack), packed her two toy airplanes, her air traffic controller, a dolphin, fish, garbage truck and Prince Charming for the plane ride. Quite the combo. She is SO excited about tomorrow. She's told her teachers all week she's riding the airplane to the beach to see the sharks, dolphins, and sea shells.

Considering we've been in Vegas the first time they had snow in 10 years, visited Boston less than a week after 9-11 and were denied many major tourist attractions due to the national threat, have seen wildfires out West, and have had entire trips canceled due to freak March snowstorms in Texas this little bit of excitement is just par for the course. Even our honeymoon flight was delayed several hours for snow and ice. Kind of makes you want to travel somewhere with us, huh?

Next post.....from flashlight in Maryland - not a new state for us but it will be state #10 for Lilli since she was born! (Tn, Va, W Va, KY, KS, IL, TX, LA, OK). (I don't count the ones I was pregnant with her in, but if I did that would take her up to 15!) Not too shabby for a 2 year old at all!

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