Friday, September 11, 2009

Before & After

Proving babies really can sleep through anything:

I needed to go to Old Navy tonight, so we had dinner at the Caney Fork Fish Co, which is probably the best catfish near us (the best in town being Catfish House in Smyrna). It's a total tourist place since it's across from Opryland so they hype up the country music for the clientele. They always have live music when we're there, and tonight was no exception. Lilli fell asleep in the car, so we brought her in in her carseat and were seated away from the music. Exactly as our food arrived the band moved and was RIGHT in front of us. Forget about trying to have a conversation while the baby was asleep! And forget about the baby being asleep! Actually she slept through most of it and woke up pretty confused about what was going on around her.

From April 18: (almost 3 months old)

From today (7.5 months old):

I know Brent started giving her piggy back rides when she was a week old but I guess we didn't take any pics. Those from April were the first I could find. She looooves getting on Daddy's shoulders and it's so funny now that her head is actually taller than his!

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