Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Dirty Job

Lots of love for Pippin....Most every day when we walk in the back door she goes running in yelling "Pippin, I'm BACK! Love you Pippin!". I'm sure he's just been waiting all day for her to come home! Ha! Actually, I think he may. The last two nights I've been woken up by the sound of Pippin asleep in her room, snoring over the baby monitor.The highlight of the weekend was most definitely not Brent knocking a hole in the sewer pipe with the shovel. He's digging out/working on putting down the walk beside the garage in the small area that leads to the alley behind the house. Nothing is done to codes in this old house, so the clay sewer pipe was only buried three inches. We called Metro and FIVE hours later they sent out a crew that told us it was our responsibility to fix, which we already knew. A total waste of our time. (Seriously - clay pipes?? Who would've ever thought that was a good idea???)
Naturally these old clay pipes don't have anything available at Home Depot/Lowes that are the same specs as what is put into modern homes, so Brent was able to "patch" it instead of removing a segment of the pipe and putting in new pipe. So the pooper-pipe is all fixed back up now.

Much time is spent picking the petals off all the flowers in my garden.

On Sunday, the teachers in charge of Children's Church told Brent that Lilli has been cracking them up with her prayer requests. Apparently, part of their program (during the sermon of worship) allows the kids (age 2-4th grade) to share any prayer requests they may have. I'm sure the older kids share concerns about grandparents and other valid things going on in their lives. What they shared with us is that each week Lilli raises her hand and asks for prayers for her boo-boos. You know, these invisible ones that she is constantly requiring Band-Aids for. The same ones that don't actually even exist.
She is such a mess.

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