Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rock Me Like a Hurricane!

Someone is getting excited about vacation!Actually everyone in this house is!

Of course Hurricane Irene is making it a little interesting. The beach community we're spending the second half of the week at is being evacuated this weekend, but it looks like (at least now) the worst of the storm will be in the Carolinas and we'll probably just have 70 mph winds and lots of rain Sat night/Sun morning. As long as the Harbor doesn't flood we'll be fine the first part of the week and are just planning to rearrange the sightseeing we had planned. Sunday isn't sounding like a hot day for the zoo! The weather after the hurricane looks great, so as long as our resort is still there it should be a fun trip! And at the worst we won't have to get up for work and can just relax in our hotel room and watch movies and order room service. And it should make for some great pics.

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