Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taxing, just in a different way

We had a pretty rainy Saturday here in the 'Ville. It rained most of the morning and early afternoon, so not a good day to work in the yard or hit the pool, which is how we've spent most of this summer.

Lilli slept until around 8 this morning, and after she woke up she just stayed in her bed and played until I went in there. I guess she thinks she's not allowed to get out of it, even though she's more than capable. We're 100% ok with that. Then, we put her down for her nap at 1:30 and she played in her bed until 3:25 when she finally went to sleep - we were planning to let her out at 3:30. Once again, she just played in her bed that whole time and never once got out. She started whining when she needed to go to the bathroom but for some reason she's got a force field on her and she doesn't get out, even though there's a room of tempting toys at her fingertips. It's crazy, great and so surprising! So we let her sleep until 4, she wasn't happy at all to wake up, and we headed out to do some "sales-tax free" shopping.

First stop was Target. All of West Nashville was there. It was CRAZY. People everywhere. I found some clearance shoes for Lilli and then needed some make-up and a few other things so we really didn't take much advantage of tax-free shopping. The line for the women's dressing room stretched out into the aisle and apparently people had been in it so long they were just all sitting in the floor. Bizarre, I just always buy everything I like and then return what doesn't fit later. Although I don't get many clothes at Target anymore, I think their stuff has gone downhill and very little of it is nice enough for the office.Target was followed up by burritos, a total family fave. She ordered what she wanted, like always. And she ate it down the side, like always.
And then Old Navy for a few little things for me. Mannequin fascination ensued, like always.

For some reason she was all about being very personal with the mannequins tonight.
They all got hugs when we left, too. Old Navy was also a complete zoo. Tax free weekend is really almost as nuts as the day after Thanksgiving here, but thankfully we survived another one!

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