Thursday, August 4, 2011

Midweek Randoms

Operation "Big Girl" bed has gone great! She's slept all night in her bed and hasn't gotten up once. If she needs to go potty she still whines in her bed until we go in there, which is kind of funny because she has total freedom to get up and go now. Saturday morning and naps this weekend will be when it gets interesting.

It's been about a million degrees this week and besides running our hose on the garden and new landscaping we've mostly been playing inside in the evenings. Lilli's class didn't even get to have Water Play (they have hoses, splash pools, etc and get to wear their swimsuits one day each week) because of the Heat Advisory. Tonight the game of choice between "the kids" was balloons. Otherwise known as whack Pippin with balloons while he barks and tries to bite them. Great fun for all!Balloons are so much fun!!
What's more fun than balloons??? Friday!!!!!

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