Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricanes and Nemo

We've had a great day in Baltimore!

The hurricane was pretty uneventful for it. It slowed down so much over land that the heavy rain didn't really start until around 8 pm, and the main part came through around 1-3 am. I woke up around 1 with the wind and rain pounding against our window and looked out. After that I never woke up again but Brent woke up several times when the power was going on and off. He didn't even take any pictured or video!! Crazy! The wind/rain were so strong that even though we were on the third floor of the hotel with interior corridors, a large area around our window and through part of our room was soaking wet. Our Hotel also had some leaks and no hot water this morning. That didn't make for a great hair washing scenario for me. The McDs by our hotel could only take cash, and a TON of traffic lights were out. Actually most of them were out, and we saw several trees down and lots of foliage in the roads.

A lot of attractions had closed in advance for today, so we had to rearrange our schedule and go to the National Aquarium today. We had a blast! It wasn't crowded at all, and Lilli got to cross a ton of things off her to-do list - we saw the dolphin show, sharks, a Dora and Diego 4-D show, and tons of fish. The highlight for her was finding Nemo and Dory (from Finding Nemo) in a fish tank. You can't even imagine the excitement. And in the jellyfish area she reenacted a scene from Nemo, and when we walked through the shark exhibit she found "Bruce", the shark from Nemo. Nemo has been on loop in the car for a while now, and I guess I completely didn't realize how into it she is!

Tonight we walked around Fells Point and are now staying downtown on the Harbor tonight and tomorrow before heading to the BEACH!

So now Lilli can add seeing Maryland and surviving a Hurricane to the list of things she's done!

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