Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoo Part 2, Swimming and Flowers

After the petting zoo we stopped and had an expensive, overpriced zoo lunch (seriously 3 hot dogs, two bags of chips and one all-day refill Icee was more expensive than admission). Once someone saw the Icee she never let go.The heat index was 110 degrees. We got that thing refilled 7 times (seriously).
Lil was most excited to see the giraffes and the way we worked the zoo they were actually the last animal we saw! She was SO excited to see them.
When it's too hot to walk and you're too independent to ride, this is the only mode of transportation that's acceptable!
By this point I was MORE than happy to spring for a carousel ride. The breeze felt amazing!
We let her play on the playground and tot lot for a while. She loved the tumbling room. We really need to get her some gymnastics lessons!
By this point she was getting really hot and wasn't too upset about calling it a day and picking out a new toy in the gift shop. I think this is the only pic where you can see her dress has little zebras, lions and giraffes on it.
Try as we might, the item she wanted from the gift store was this giant snake. We tried to push flamingos, giraffes, and all kinds of other things on her, but the choice was hers. And once she saw the snakes she was sold.
She slung that thing everywhere on the walk back to the car, and it's been her toy of choice pretty much ever since. She's slept with it, carried it to the tub and pretty much everywhere else since then. She's just not a girly girl! We have had to talk to her about if she sees a real snake it's also on the do not touch list with bees, spiders and wasps. (She will also recite the "can touch" list to you if she sees a member of it - worms, grasshoppers, cicadas and lightning bugs.)
Hot and tired! She fell asleep right away in the car and some sort of wreck or construction was backing up the interstate so by the time we got home on side roads she'd had enough of a nap that she wasn't going to take more. So she played in her crib for a little bit and "rested".
Saturday morning we went to the pool for a few hours. She loves the pool so much and is pretty much fearless in the water. She'll flip over and under and doesn't flinch about it, so you have to watch her pretty good. She can also swim back and forth in her tube from one side of the pool to another, so we probably need another round of swim lessons, too.
We got a lot of landscaping done last weekend, too. Brent's got all the dirt smoothed out and I planted some rose shrubs, perennials, and hydrangeas. Now we just need to put down some fabric and mulch, and sow some grass seed in all the dirt. Pippin was less than impressed.

The hydrangeas are all down the side beside the deck, 4 blue ones and one lime green one. I'm pretty excited about them because I've always wanted some hydrangeas.
Now the key is to keep all this stuff watered during the hot summer!

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