Monday, July 11, 2011

Home Alone

Well, Rachel has gone and abandoned us for the week. She's on a business trip in Atlanta and will be back later this week. I figured it was my duty to share some pictures and let everyone know that we are alive and kickin.

I'm not sure that Lilli really understood that Mommy was leaving. She didn't cry or anything which is good. It was strange how Rachel drove away whistling a tune. She never whistles.

Shortly after she left we headed for the playground. I had forgotten how hot it was outside so we just went down the slides a few times and headed back home (by walking the long way around so we could see the fire truck, of course).

After we got back Lilli immediately had to use the restroom. I knew her tiny bladder was emptied out so it was my chance to take her to Kroger for a few supplies.

The longest part of the whole trip was Lilli unloading the car. You'd think with her youth and all of that energy she'd get done a lot faster.

Once she unloaded the car she grabbed the McDonald's sack full of Nuggets and fries, grabbed a plate and headed for her chair. By the time I got in there she had divided up the fries between the two of us. I was lucky to get three.
Dinner time is the perfect time for cultural studies.

Who loves the firetruck tent Granny and Granddaddy bought us?! Not Pippin.

Until Rachel Returns,

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  1. Looks like fun to me! Lilli likes those French Fries! Rachel and Lilli look great in the fire truck!