Friday, July 22, 2011

Odds and Ends

The only other big thing we did last weekend was go to a free concert at Crockett Park in Brentwood. Normally after we swim we'll go eat at Taco Bell or Backyard Burger but we had so much food from our CSA that I had packed us a picnic of chicken cucumber wraps and potato salad. I had heard good things about Crockett Park so we had GPS take us there when the pool closed and to our surprise we actually ended up there not long before their final concert in the park for the summer was about to happen!
We asked people sitting around us what was going on, and they told us that an Eagles cover band would be performing. I think each week is a different cover band. It's a great amphitheater so next summer we'll definitely be making an actual point to check some of them out. Everyone had some really nice picnics going on and since it was Brentwood the crowd was incredibly tame!Lilli entertained the older people sitting around us with her wild dancing. Thankfully she didn't break out any of her break-dancing moves. The band was really good, too. We stayed until it started to get dark, we didn't want to keep her out too much past her bedtime but it's nice that we can be more flexible now without the world caving in too badly. I think she ended up in bed maybe an hour and 15 later than normal.
Pippin continues to enjoy the fire truck tent, regardless of whether or not anyone else is even in there.
Brent and I had a date night one night this week. We actually haven't been out in right at two months, since we went out for his birthday! Stephanie was thinking we had forgotten about her, but we've just been so busy. The summers are always like that. And we're pretty used to just dragging Lilli along with us anywhere we go anyway. We were invited to a wedding in September this week that specifically said "no children under 13" and that has us pretty annoyed. We take her to weddings and she does great so we haven't decided yet if the cost of a babysitter will be worth going to such a snooty wedding. And no one in this family enjoys a wedding more than Lilli anyway.

We did spend a good portion of date night doing our impressions of Lilli if her food is hot. Brent won the prize. Mine just looked weird due to the lighting.
We got our weekend started early today! Daycare was closed for teacher in-service so I used my comp day from being gone last week and Brent took some vacay and we hit the zoo for the day. Lots of fun was had by all and considering the heat index we more than got our money's worth on the "All the Icee you can drink" cup we got at the snack counter. Brent only took 674 pictures so it may be hard for me to come up with some to share!

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