Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to Normal

First stop after I got home was dinner. After a week of uber-fine dining I just really wanted a burger so we went to Calypso Cafe for a nice, healthy burger and their fruit tea. YUM! Brent has a fantastic knack for always getting me in mid-chew.Of course Lilli was all about wanting to know what "surprises" I had brought her back, she's really into that sort of thing now. I got her a few special outfits, including this sample which we loved (since she's into all things sparkly right now). This is her showing off her "guns" and flexing.
This one ended up being her favorite and she wore it the rest of the night. They're all a little big right now, they're more for next summer. I think I ended up getting her 5 normal outfits and one fancy dress for a wedding we're going to this September.
One of the activities we did this weekend was Chuck E Cheese. It was pretty crowded but not too awful, the kids were about as behaved as you can be in a place like that but no one messed with Lilli. It's annoying because the entire bottom floor is reserved for parties (even though only two tables had parties) so you have to sit way up in the stands, and the shows are so rare now that it's nuts. Chuck did come out to do a birthday party visit and Lilli snagged him as he exited.
She was SO excited to see him (until it was picture time). She was clapping and screaming the whole time he was wishing the birthday kids a Happy Birthday.
Most of the stuff she likes to do hardly gives you any tickets, but our 30 tokens resulted in 45 tickets so she got a Chuck E ruler, pack of Smarties, and two plastic ants. I know, just makes you want to run right out to Chuck E!
She's also really big on pony tails right now, so a lot of upcoming pictures will have a little 'do with some attitude, finally!!!

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