Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sundresses and Swimsuits

Sometimes I don't even know why I spend so much time pressing her dresses, I especially wouldn't have if I had known there wasn't going to be Children's Church on Sunday and she would be wallowing all over me during church.For much of the past week she has sported a Band-Aid on her forehead. There's not a thing wrong with her head, no scratch or bruise but she's convinced she had some sort of boo-boo there. We keep Band-Aid in stock. Right now she rotates back and forth between Cars Band-aids and Princesses.
I'm still trying to figure out what in the world to do with her hair, but we'll probably have it cut soon so it has some style/shape. Maybe even some highlights (kidding).
Another activity from last weekend was some pool time. Pool time is always a great bribe if you need her to behave earlier in the day. She's also really hot on wearing her sunglasses right now if it's sunny.
She has such a ball in the splash park. I swear though something about the pool makes her have to constantly go to the bathroom. We only had an hour there and I think we spent half of it going back and forth to the wet, nasty bathroom. When she's role-playing with her dolls they also often have to go to the bathroom and she'll tell them to "Hurry! Hurry!" as she runs them to the toilet and then repeatedly tells them "Don't touch ANYthing!!! HANDS UP!" Can't imagine where she gets that one from!!!

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