Friday, July 8, 2011

More July 4th....

A few more pics from the fourth of July weekend....

After dinner we went out to go fishing. Lilli had a blast feeding the fish (mostly throwing fish food in the yard....).Cody did not fall in the pond....
Kacey with her fish

Lilli reeling her fish in
She really wanted to touch one so we let her touch its mouth.
She really preferred throwing fish food in since so many would come up to the top, so she and Grandma went back to the house to get more fish food.
And then out come the dogs!
Young Chloe quickly sniffed out that we were using a hot dog as bait. She snatched that hot dog and bolted before anyone could stop her...
And we were out of bait....It really didn't matter since we were feeding them and fishing for them all in the same spot. Quite a few were caught without any bait.
Pippin loves to eat the fish food and is never far from that bowl.
Barbies and eating fish food really wear him out.....
Before long it was tubby time and time for bedtime stores with Grandma.
The furry grandchildren didn't understand why they were excluded!
Needless to say after such a busy day everyone slept great that night!!

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  1. Aw, I love the bedtime stories with Grandma! So sweet!

    Thanks for participating in the challenge!