Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walkin' tha Block

Lilli had chicken nuggets 4 meals in a row so I thought I'd switch it up. I KNEW she'd love some variety and who doesn't love WAFFLES AND BACON?!?!.... I should have stuck with nuggets and fries.
After we ate we decided to sit on the front porch and look for Mommy. She never showed up but we did a great job of letting the neighborhood that we were sad looking.

We decided to walk the block and see the firetruck. Along the way we stopped to look sad some more.
Unfortunately she couldn't be sad once we got to the firestation. All fun broke loose! The first thing we had to do was sit on the running board of the truck. Luckily there wasn't a fire taking place at this moment.

Then we ran around in the lot beside of the station. I was hoping to burn off some of her energy.

You may notice the leaf (that she pulled off a low-limbed tree) and a bandaid (that once covered a "booboo" on her leg). She always has to be carrying something.

Then we headed back to the station to sit on their official bench...

... and jump off the official firestation curb.

She was pretty tired when we headed back so we settled in and I read her some bedtime stories.

Just a couple more days...

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