Sunday, July 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It's good to be home again! (I've been home for a couple of days now, just not on the computer much). We had a great business trip to Atlanta for the ICRS trade show and also Gift Market, but six days is a long time to be gone! So long I guess I've forgotten how to upload all my pictures and they're in the reverse order of what I wanted. Oh well!

A few of us outside the last restaurant we ate at on our way back to Nashville:With the cast of Courgeous. It's a great movie you should all see when it comes out this fall. We saw it several months ago since it's going to be huge for us (with ancillary product and when the DVD comes out) and it was really very well made. These guys also made Fireproof and Facing the Giants.
In the elevator with the drummer from Toby Mac (and his wife). He had been playing drums at the trade show all day and someone had told me it was Toby Mac playing. So when I saw him I asked him if he was Toby Mac, of course everyone else with me knew that Toby Mac was white and they were all about to die. Oh well, he was super nice and incredibly friendly.
Snoopy was there, there's a new line of Christian Peanuts cards coming out really soon.
And I guess the biggest celeb meeting for me was with Roma Downey. She has a new children's line of Christian DVDs coming out this fall that we're working with her team on promoting. We had a small breakfast at the Ritz Carlton with a couple of her people and a couple of our people. She was SO sweet, I sat about two people away from her and she was so lovely. She and her husband (Mark Burnett, of Survivor and Apprentice fame) also are doing a big Bible documentary/mini-series for the History channel for 2013 that should also be huge.
So, those are my top 5 pics from the week, but it is good to be home! It's hard work at Market, up and out by 7 and not back in until around 10 pm so even though it's exciting it is very hard work. One vendor gave us some peppermint foot cream that was to die for - when you're literally on your feet for 10 hours a day your feet are not very happy! I did get Lilli a few couture dresses, some new jewelry for myself and even a watch for Brent!

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