Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Weekend, Part 1

We have had a great July 4th weekend!

Saturday morning (early) we left to visit my parents for the 4th. Bruce and his family were there, and of course Pippin's cousin Chloe was there. She and Pippin got along great this time, he's feeling so wonderful and cancer-free and she's grown out of that annoying puppy stage. She did enjoy chewing on his toys. After they left on Sunday he was wondering around looking for her for a while.Of course Mom wanted to start the day off with the annual "drilling flags into the ground" task. Lilli preferred dancing.
Of the 3 grand-kids only Cody cooperated with this task that only Mom enjoys.

While the kids enjoyed their toys the adults enjoyed the toys Bruce brought. His scooter -
Luckily no children were run over or harmed by the scooter.
Or Bruce's other toy - the motorcycle.
Lilli always refers to her Grandmas as "my two Grandmas". This started when she asked me where a certain pig lovie came from and I told her that her two Grandmas had bought it for her before she was born. It probably doesn't help that when she sees them they are normally together. Well, when her other Grandma showed up she brought a new firetruck with her.

Everyone enjoys Grandpa's corn on the cob. She ate one and a half of them...
Time for the annual family picture. Pippin was the star of the show and ate it up.

Bruce was incredibly proud of his hat/bottle opener. And the helmet that makes phone calls. Personally I think he either has too much money or too large of a credit line. =)The girls had a great time playing "mermaids". To be continued....


  1. Looks like u guys had a great weekend!! Hoping over from Jenna's!!

  2. Stopping by from Jenna's. Looks like you have a wonderful family. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.