Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Saturdays

The other big activity we did last weekend was head to Summer Saturdays. It's at a local ag center here in Nashville and they have free activities on several Saturdays involving various animals and other hands on stuff. In my head, I read that there would be pigs. So I decked her out in her pig outfit complete with pig lovie. Of course we looked all over for pigs, asked for them, and then I re-read the animals they would have and they never mentioned pigs. Oh well! Still cute though!They had a mule you could pet and she probably could have poked at it all day.
They also had miniature donkies you could ride for $3. The line (of course) was long so we walked around a little while Brent waited and she got to ride Eeyore. She had been SO excited about it that I really hoped she didn't get scared and flip out when it was her turn. She was a little unsure but luckily didn't melt like another kid her age did.

This center also houses the police horses. They were off to the side and hadn't gotten as much attention as some of the other animals, so we were able to feed them grass, much to Lil's delight.
They had a blacksmith and a spinner doing demonstrations, several chickens/birds, sheep and there's also a small farm museum.
Later that day after we got home, we asked her what her favorite thing was that she got to see that day during the activity? Her answer: the cat.
You've got to be kidding me. This cat was asleep near the bathrooms, under a chair, and never let her get closer than this. It's always so reassuring after we sweat out in the heat with her for all these activities and all she really wanted was to be near a cat.

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