Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Of Camps and Houses and Villages

This has been a super busy week in our household so far, even busier than our normal level of craziness! Outside of the normal hub-bub of work and remodeling and baby care we've had a lot of activities going on this week.

* I started my lunch-time boot camp class yesterday. It was great fun (if you love breaking a sweat, which I do!) Since it's an additional fee from the already insane Y prices (you know, since we work and have good incomes and all and have to pay more because of that....grrrrr) the class size is small. There's 6 of us and one of the other ladies has a 7 month old, and 3 of the other ladies are my coworkers so it's a nice fit for me! Monday was primarily a fitness assessment and tomorrow we'll REALLY get down to business. Regardless, the pushups have left me with sore arms today and something we did has left me with some sore hip flexors so I'm happy already! Lilli starts swim classes Friday morning so we are going to be one super fit crew!

* Last night was Lilli's Open House at her school. Today was their 1 year anniversary of opening, so they had a big celebration last night. Her center's director and executive director are so wonderful, and it's always so nice to hear them talk about how they pray for the children. They genuinely want to run the best center in the city, and we're so thankful for her great teachers. Ms Donna, her lead teacher, had taken pics of each of them on the classroom rocking horse and made a little ranch scene for the door to their room. It was so cute!!! (except that was one of Lilli's teething days so she looks like she'd had a fuss, but thankfully it was before she had a diaper explosion on the outfit she wore that day so at least she was in her "cute" clothes). It was also great getting to meet several of the other parents and chatting with them for a while in Lilli's classroom as part of the "social mixer". We really hit it off with Avery's parents and would love to get together with them sometime for a play date since they are already good buddies. It was so, so nice to share some laughs with fellow working moms who understand all the various stresses and really understand what it's like to have zippo free time in the day. Don't get me wrong, I work with tons of fellow working moms but generally they're all a couple of years older than me, and while they provide FABULOUS advice and shoulders (that I wouldn't trade for anything) for all the current struggles we have, they're just in a different place now. Ironically, 2 of the other moms and one of the other dads Lilli has been in/currently is in class with are CPAs! Something about her daycare must attract the financially minded (although trust me it is NOT the price!!!)

* Today started our new Ladies Bible Study (at lunch) for the fall. It was so odd not having Lilli and actually being able to listen! It should be a great one, this fall is Priscilla Shirer's One in a Million (on Exodus).

* Tonight we went to the Step into Africa exhibit being hosted locally. It's something our Life Group/church has been/will study over the next few months. Basically you have a little MP3 headset and walk through 1 of 4 little villages and hear the story of a child and how they are affected with AIDS, and find out at the end if your character has AIDS. Our child's mother had AIDS, she had also deserted them for several years and came back shortly before she died. "Happily" our child did not have AIDS, so it that respect it was a (somewhat) happy ending. Fortunately this particular night of the exhibit had child care, largely provided by the youth group at the church it was being hosted at. Lilli did great, they said she was highly entertained and never cried once. One of the teens there helping with kids was named Lily, so she jumped up to grab her when she heard her name. It was actually pretty hilarious to see a 13 or so year old wagging her around, but both Lillis were as happy as could be. I know I loved helping with kids when I was that age, too! (And there were PLENTY of other adults helping supervise.) We were very thankful not to have to tote her in her front carrier since strollers were not allowed (which I don't get because there was room for an umbrella stroller).

Some recent pics:

Two peas in a pod! She pooped on her onesie on this particular day so she came home in a VERY unmatching and snug outfit!!!!

Really, really not sure how this is comfortable:

Pippin and Lilli, playing together. He is actually sitting on her. She has started squealing (in sheer joy) every time he enters a room, and it makes him feel like a total rock star.

Lilli and buddy Avery (he's 10 months old)

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