Sunday, September 6, 2009

The King is In

What are a couple of sleepy, somewhat irritable parents to do for lunch after church on a Sunday when they can't decide where to eat? Somehow it always ends up being Burger King.....

Lilli had zero nap whatsoever at church this morning (good times! Is your life lacking entertainment? Sit behind us at early service! We guarantee a show!) and she also didn't have a bottle in Sunday she was fairly fussy when we picked her up. Luckily she fell asleep right away in the car, so we ended up having a "nice" lunch at Burger King while she napped in her car seat. Before we left I asked the manager if they still had crowns for kids and lucky us! they do!!! She finished up her nap on the car ride home, and when we got in we had a few very short minutes before a long-overdue-bottle-meltdown ensued to take a few pics.

She looked a little like this at Burger King: Babies-need-naps!
Trying to show off her two new teeth!
Do you think they'll pick me for some of those creepy Burger Kings ads momma?? Oh, I'm going to be in an upcoming Lifeway catalog? Much Better!!!!

It's a lot of fun trying to photograph me now that I'm pretty mobile, huh???
I think I'll crawl off now and shoot some hoops....
Yeah, my book is way more interesting than your camera....

Am I ready for Toddlers and Tiaras???

Discovering there is indeed something on her head.....Game over!!

We've had a busy weekend, of mostly working on the dining room. We've been staying up late after Li goes to bed and painting for several hours because this project has gotten way OLD. Friday she was still slightly fussy, but she's been in a pretty good mood both yesterday and today, I think now that these two teeth have erupted they're not as painful. I have a fun outing planned for us tomorrow that should hopefully make up for us missing last week's fun outing and be something different. Brent can't handle the surprise, and I bet he's called redial on my phone since he accidentally called and heard me asking if they were open on Labor Day.

And, you may have picked up on it in the above pics, but she "officially" started crawling today. Watch out world! She's had sort of a strange tri-pod crawl going on the last few days, but today she's been doing it more correctly, and covering ground more quickly. I knew once she was in the older Infant class at school it wouldn't be long - she's the type of babe who isn't happy just watching the other kids do stuff. We also had to lower her mattress yesterday - after each of her two naps she was in there sitting up, proud as punch (and she could easily pull herself up and out of the crib at that height). She can stand (unassisted) for about 15 seconds now, and is constantly pulling herself up on everything.

Happy Labor Day!

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